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            4 Week Diet

            Useful Resources



             Marathon Training For Beginners is an easy to use training program for complete beginners and intermediate runners that want to run a marathon in the shortest possible time.


            Couch to 5K


            Discover advanced running strategies at couchto-5k.com to boost your fitness and stamina levels. Learn the most up to dates training technique to sky rocket your progress without risking injury or burn out.



            Personal Training


            Exclusive one to one personal training in Halifax, West Yorkshire. We will guarantee your results, subject to your own commitment.


            Personal trainers in Halifax, individual training in an exclusive training studio using the most up to date workout equipment and training techniques.

            Weight Loss


            A weight loss competition based over 8 weeks with a first prize of £500.00.

            Weight Loss After Pregnancy


            An innovative weight loss package specifically designed for new mums wanting to lose weight quickly and safely after having a baby - Guaranteed results.

            Exercise After C Section


            Supercharge your c section recovery by following this superb guide for safe and effective exercise after c section, designed to show you how to safely lose your baby weight in just 8 weeks